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Undergraduate Training

Oncology Core Course - Introduction to Clinical Medicine
INDS 307 Principles of Oncology

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The objective of the ICM oncology course is to provide students with basic knowledge in the following areas:

  • cancer risks;
  • clinical presentations;
  • principles of cancer therapy;
  • cancer prevention;
  • cancer screening;
  • genetic counselling;
  • interpretation of imaging and pathological data.

Course Structure

  • Eight (8) hours of whole class teaching. Students are exposed to evidence-based guidelines in cancer epidemiology, cancer prevention, and screening in major cancer sites, e.g. breast, genitor-urinary, colorectal and lung.
  • Two-week clinical rotation. Students are introduced to the basic principles of medical, surgical, pediatric and radiation oncology and palliative care, in the McGill-affiliated hospitals.

Students are also instructed in the principles of pain management and have one session on communication skills.


Course Coordinator: Dr. Thierry Alcindor
Medical Oncology (MGH)
(514) 934-1943 Ext. 34118
Cancer Prevention: Dr. Michael Pollak
Cancer Prevention (JGH)
340-8222 Ext. 4947
Radiation Oncology: Dr. Khalil Sultanem
Radiation Oncology (JGH)
Surgical Oncology: Dr. Anna Derossis
Surgery (JGH)
340-8222 Ext. 4648
Adolescent Oncology: Dr. Petr Kavan
Pediatrics (RVH)
934-1934 Ext. 45610
Medical Oncology: Dr. Francois Patenaude
Medical (JGH)
340-8240 Ext. 5521
  Dr. Jeff Prchal
Medical Oncology (SMH)
345-3511 Ext. 3793
Palliative Care: Dr. Golda Tradounsky    
Pallative Care (MGH)
934-1934 Ext. 43879
  Dr. Bernard Lapointe 
Palliative Care (JGH)
340-8222 Ext. 2845