Education & Training

Oncology Undergraduate Medical Education


Director: Dr. Jamil Asselah
               Tel: 514-934-1934 x45721

When the Faculty of Medicine decided to revamp its undergraduate medical education curriculum, the Department of Oncology was committed to improving exposure of medical students to various aspects of oncology clinical practice.  Dr. Asselah, in collaboration with his colleagues in the Department, developed a proposal for an oncology clerkship program for third year medical students. It would be comprised of an academic half-day focusing on diagnosis and staging of cancer (60 minutes) and treatment of cancer (60 minutes) and a second academic half-day on clinical cases (colorectal cancer – 120 minutes; breast cancer – 120 minutes). In addition there would be six half days of oncology clinic rotations (three in medical oncology and three in radiation oncology).  Surgical oncology clinic rotations would be incorporated in the surgery clerkship block. 

The new undergraduate medical education curriculum was rolled out in 2013 with the Fundamentals of Medicine and Dentistry (FM&D) course for the first year medical students. Department of Oncology faculty members gave lectures in such topics as cancer prevention, palliative care and tumour immunology.

As part of the new curriculum, the Research Fundamentals I course was rolled out in 2013 while the Research Fundamentals II course is being rolled out in 2014.  Department
of Oncology faculty members are serving as mentors and supervisors for this research component of the new curriculum.