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McGill Nurse Exploration 2014

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Last year, we created a Word Cloud, which really puts into perspective the ideas provided to us by our participants. We want to do this again this year and we need YOUR input.

Strengths-Based Nursing is an attitude, a mindset, a set of values that guide how one sees the world, makes decisions and takes actions.

When entering your word, please think about questions such as, “What makes your unit special?” “What do you do best?” “How can you create healthy and productive environments (for patients, coworkers, students)?

The question we would like you to answer is:

What strengths do you admire in your fellow Nurses?

Please take a minute to input your Words for the Word Cloud »



It is with great pleasure that we, the members of the Planning and Advisory Committee, invite you to attend the 2013 edition of the Nursing Explorations Series, entitled Strengths-Based Nursing: Practice, Education and Leadership, at the Palais des congrès de Montréal (Montreal Convention Centre) on Thursday, November 14 from 7am to 5pm.

Co-hosted by the McGill University Ingram School of Nursing, in collaboration with the Nursing Departments at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute, the Jewish General Hospital, and the McGill University Health Centre, this special event will focus on Dr. Laurie Gottlieb's revolutionary approach to nursing and the principles, skills and tools required to integrate Strengths-Based Nursing into everyday clinical practice.

Keynote Speakers:

Patricia BENNER, RN, PhD, FAAN
Judith SHAMIAN, RN, PhD, LLD (hon), DSci (hon), FAAN

Presentations will be given in English with simultaneous interpretation into French.

Join us in our mission to expand our knowledge and explore the competencies required to empower our nursing profession to achieve sustainable patient care excellence.

The NE2013 Conference Co-Chairs,
Elaine Doucette and Laurie Gottlieb

Continuing Health Professional Education

Continuing Education for Nurses:
As this event has been approved for up to 6.0 CME credits for Physicians by the Office for Continuing Health Professional Education (CHPE), McGill Nursing Explorations is also able to provide Continuing Education for Nurses to a maximum of 6.0 Accredited Hours.

For your information:

  • The Order (OIIQ) requires a total of 20 hours of continuing education annually (January 1 - December 31).
  • Within these 20 hours, each nurse must attend 7 hours of accredited continuing education.
  • The 2013 McGill Nursing Explorations conference provides 6 hours (or CE units) of accredited continuing education.
  • Certificates for the 6 hours of accredited continuing professional education will be provided to you after the conference.

Goals and Learning Objectives

The goals of this Conference are to:

  • Learn about Strengths-Based Nursing: what it is and how it fulfills nursing’s mandate of health and healing for person and family.
  • Highlight how a Strengths-Based Nursing approach can enhance professional clinical practice, leadership/management, education, research, and global action.
  • Gain an appreciation of how Strengths-Based Nursing provides nurses with an approach that complements medicine.
  • Increase understanding of how Strengths-Based Nursing is key to person and family-focused care, student-centered teaching and learning, and creating healthy workplace environments.

What knowledge will participants gain?

  • An understanding of the major features and essential values of Strengths-Based Nursing to guide nursing actions.
  • Strategies to begin to practice from a Strengths-Based approach.
  • An appreciation of the benefits of Strengths-Based Nursing for nurses, patients/family, and interdisciplinary practice.
  • An approach to nursing that will enhance professional identity and a commitment to Nursing as a career.

Anticipated practice outcomes from this conference include:

  • Competencies related to the importance of Strengths-Based Care that will contribute to the development of an approach to practice, teaching and learning, and leadership/management.
  • An understanding of Strengths-Based Nursing that will motivate one to learn more about this comprehensive approach to guide nursing care.

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