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The MJM is an acclaimed peer-reviewed journal that publishes student-authored work related to medicine. Graduate students, undergrads and medical students are invited to share their work with a broad international audience. The MJM publishes several different types of articles:

Original Articles

Complete the scientific process and communicate your undergraduate thesis or summer project to the MJM for peer review. We are looking for quality original research related to medicine and health; basic laboratory science, clinical and epidemiological studies, economic analyses in health, or other primary research of interest to a broad audience can be submitted today!


Students at all levels are encouraged to submit work reviewing topics related to medicine and health. Reviews which add new perspectives to a field and which appeal to topics of current interest are favoured by the MJM. Add your ideas to the scientific zeitgeist by submitting a review to the MJM.

Research Letters

Original research of topical interest which is not sufficiently advanced to merit an original article may be submitted to the MJM as a research letter. Short and sweet, a research letter will communicate your work to readers across the globe.

Letters to the Editor

The MJM highly encourages commentary related to medicine and health. This section is not limited to students and we welcome comments from patients, professors, physicians and lay persons.

Case Reports

The MJM invites students in health care fields to submit case reports that are particularly instructive or interesting in nature.


The intent of the "Crossroads" section is to promote ways of knowing in medicine that are not solely scientific. Crossroads articles are expository essays on subjects exploring the relationship between medicine and the humanities (visual arts, literature, history, philosophy, etc.) Articles which bring insights from outside of medicine are particularly encouraged. As an open minded forum no one is discouraged to submit to Crossroads.


A new facet of the MJM, we highly encourage the submission of artwork relating to health. We would like to promote expressions in medicine that are traditionally left outside of the scope of medical journals.

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