McGill Mini-Med 2012   

J. John Cohen, M.D., Ph.D., a McGill University graduate, developed the concept of Mini-Med schools.  The first Mini-Med School was held at the University of Colorado in 1990, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the relationship between the medical school and the surrounding community. 

Mini-Med schools are a public education program now offered by more than 80 medical schools, universities, research institutions, and hospitals in the United States.  Within a year of the program's inception in Colorado, articles about the first Mini-Med School appeared in 3 national publications:  The New York Times, Family Circle, and the Journal of the National Institute of Health research.

What is a Mini-Med School? 

  • Mini-Med Schools focus on the basic sciences and clinical subject areas.
  • Each lecture links with the previous lecture.
  • Students are expected to attend every week.  
  • Lectures are presented in a manner comprehensible to the lay public.
  • There are no prerequisites for the program. 
  • All lectures include a question and answer period.

The McGill Mini-Med School premiered in the fall of 2001, the first such program in Canada.


Faculty of Medicine, McGill University, July 02, 2012