More people worldwide die of infectious diseases than of any other single cause. The Division of Clinical Infectious Diseases explores and deals with the relationships between microbial pathogens and their human hosts in both practical and theoretical terms.

Our Clinical Programs encompass all aspects of Infectious Diseases. We provide services to both inpatients and outpatients and we are integrally involved in Infection Control as well as in basic and clinical research into microbial pathogens, their transmission, the diseases they cause, as well as into prevention and treatment modalities for infection. In collaboration with the Department of Microbiology, we provide an integrated Clinical Residency Program in Infectious Diseases and Medical Microbiology. Our division serves as a resource for physicians who have patients with infectious disease problems. Our activities span active outpatient clinics and includes aid in the care of patients with suspected or confirmed infections, and includes patients from all areas of the MUHC. We are especially closely involved with care for patients susceptible to opportunistic, nosocomial, emergent, and re-emerging pathogens.

The Division contributes to the service mission of the MUHC by serving as a resource of specialized expertise, as well as through contributions to regional, provincial, national and international programs concerning infectious diseases and medical microbiology.

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Division of Infectious Disease
Department of Medicine
Faculty of Medicine
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Montreal, Quebec