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Associate Professor Department of Medicine, Division of Experimental Medicine



Contact information:

Telephone: (514) 934-1934, ext. 34401
e-mail address: john.dibattista@mcgill.ca

Projects for Thesis Supervision:

1. Identification of signaling scaffolds proteins integrated in the prostaglandin EP4 receptor system in inflammatory cells.

2. Identification of novel RNA binding proteins using genomic and proteomic approaches; elucidation of novel post-transcriptional and translational mechanisms controlling oncogene and early response gene expression.

3. Identification of auto-antigens in rheumatoid arthritis patients using novel genomic and proteomic approaches.

Recent Publications:

Cybulsky, A.V., Takano, T., Papillon, J., Hao, W., Mancini, A., Di Battista, J.A. and Cybulsky, M. (2007)
The 3'-untranslated region of the Ste20-like kinase SLK regulates SLK expression. Am. J. Physiol. Renal Physiol. 292: F845-F852.

Mancini, A., Jovanovic, D, He, Q.W. and Di Battista, J.A. (2007)
Site-specific proteolysis of cyclooxygenase-2: A putative step in inflammatory prostaglandin E(2) biosynthesis. J. Cell. Biol. 101: 425-441.

Faour, W.H., He, Q.W., Mancini, A., Jovanovic, D., Antoniou, J. and Di Battista, J.A. (2006)
Prostaglandin E2 stimulates p53 transactivational activity through specific serine 15 (Ser15) phosphorylation in human synovial fibroblasts (HSF): Role in suppression of c/EBP/NF-kB mediated Erk kinase kinase (MEKK)1-induced MMP-1 expression. J. Biol. Chem. 281: 19849-19860.