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Welcome to the Graduate Program

The Division regroups over 200 members (both Faculty and Associate members) whose areas of interest are wide-ranging and diversified. In addition, the Division includes over 250 graduate students enrolled in one or the other of the 4 programs presently being offered. These programs are:

1. Ph.D. in Experimental Medicine

2. M.Sc. in Experimental Medicine

3. M.Sc., Bioethics Option

4. M.Sc., Environment Option

5. Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research (for Canadians and permanent residents ONLY)

Applicants for the Ph.D. program must normally hold an M.Sc. degree. However, candidates who have only a B.Sc. degree but who have demonstrated academic excellence (cGPA of 3.5 out of a possible maximum of 4.0 throughout their undergraduate studies) can be considered for direct entry into the Ph.D., if they so desire.  These candidates should clearly indicate (on the application form) that they are seeking entry into the Ph.D. program rather than the M.Sc.

Applicants for the M.Sc., M.Sc. (Environment Option) or Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research must hold a B.Sc. degree or its equivalent.

Applicants for the M.Sc. (Bioethics Option) program must hold an M.D., Nursing, Physical and Occupational Therapy and/or any other professional health training degree. Students who do not fit these criteria may be considered for admission on an individual basis.

All prospective students are encouraged to refer to the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website (http://www.mcgill.ca/gradapplicants/) for information of interest to them specifically.  Moreover, they are encouraged to read Your Future: A Guide for Potential Graduate Studies on the website of the Canadian Association for Graduate Studies, for useful information, tips and insights into studying at the graduate level.













1. Applications for the Master's Harmonized Tri-Council Awards (CGS M) are now being accepted.  For further information, please refer to http://www.mcgill.ca/gps/funding/students-postdocs/students/tri-masters.  Note: Applicants who are NOT currently enrolled in their intended graduate program must submit an application for admission to McGill University by December 10, 2014.

2. We are now accepting applications for the Fall 2015 semester.