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Excellent or "Must See" sites =
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Canadian Resources

U.S. Resources

United Kingdom

Commonwealth Resources

  • The UK Academic Internet Directory has a search form for most of the major job search engines in the UK!!! Also has a links to a host of other directories in Europe and the World. A Great site.
  • WWW.JOBS.AC.UK a great site with more than 500 jobs searchable by keyword and by job type. Only peeve is that this sight can be extremely slow . Whoever maintains this site appears to be using a very limited internet connection and/or a low end web server. If you can even access the site at peak times the pages load so slow it feels like you are accessing a Commodore 64 over a 9600 baud modem. If the webmaster reads this review I will give him another star if he/she speeds up the access.
  • The Appointments Section UK job Search Engine with way too much graphic content (read: slow to load over the pond) but does have jobs by mail, e-mail notification.
  • NISS, National Information Services and Systems Employment opportunities at the universities in the Commonwealth countries (UK, Canada, Australia, etc.).
  • BIOMEDNET JOBS requires registration but is free
    • HMS-Beagle JOB ALERT
      -Featured Employer section
      -Career links, Career Path articles on jobs in science and BIOMEDNET Job Exchange
  • International Academic Job Market Job vacancies are listed for academic positions
    Mostly Common Wealth countries
  • Science Jobs from the New Scientist -contains many jobs with a heavy concentration of U.K. and Pacific Rim science jobs. They will also notify you by mail when a new job is listed in the country of subject you are interested in.
  • Careers Information for Biomedical, Life Science and Medical Students (University of Glasgow)
    Has information and links to work in the Middle East and South East Asia as well as all throughout Europe!
    Also check out there extensive list of Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies!
  • Graduate Horizons Some Biomed and Biotech jobs in the UK, definitely a site to watch in the future
  • Career Connection at EBI
    Jobs in academia, governement and industry (also has a search engine)
  • Employment Opportunities in Australia including information on immigration
  • Academic Positions in Science World Wide Registry (Australia)
  • On-Line Newspapers from around the World - Africa, Asia, Australia/New Zealand, Canada, College Newspapers, Europe, The Middle East, Latin/South America, United States

Other International Job Resources

Publications or Journal Job Listings

University Home Pages


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