To: students in Course 610

Nov 10, 1999

Re: Slides for (and possible assignment around) November 17 lecture on Sampling

Here are my main slides for the lecture (If I use some others, mainly as examples, I will try to get them into digital form for you before the 17th).

Instead of submitting questions to M. Kramer for a final exam, I am proposing instead that 10% of the marks in the course be given for a practical assignment on sampling that you would carry out, in teams of 3, between now and the end of term.

Read through the proposed assignment before the class on the 17th. If you wish, form teams of 3 ahead of time. At the class we can discuss some of the technical points -- and if others come up between then and my lecture on the 24th, we can discuss them when I meet you on the 24th.

I realize that the end of the term is coming fast and that more practical work at this point might be unduly onerous. Thus, for the assignment I have already done the "leg-work" on the sampling frame so a lot of the remaining work is of the "arm-chair" variety. If however, there is a majority who would prefer to have a question on the exam instead, I will respect that wish and not give this assignment. So, please let me know ( my email address is JimH@Epid.Lan.McGill.CA ) as soon as you can what your preference is.

J Hanley