Course 513-607: Principles of Inferential Statistics

Resources for Chapter 10

( 513-607A   Principles of Inferential Statistics)

Updated: Saturday June 12, 2004


Graphs Figures Tables Simulations Etc. (see also pages for Courses 678 and 697)

Data analysis

Datasets (they are below these instructions..)


MOST DIRECT, BUT WON'T LEARN HOW TO CREATE SAS DATASETS... better to think longer term!!

Right Click on SAS dataset and download it to your sasuser directory,
(which is probably in your C drive, in the directory sas612 or sas8)
then access it (**)

(i) from INSIGHT
(in sas 6, Globals>Analyze->Interactive)
(in Sas 8, under Tools menu ...)

(ii) through SAS PROCedures in Program Editor ..
with DATA=sasuser.filename [no sd2 extension]


PROC REG DATA = sasuser.boneden;
MODEL ls1 = age; /* Upper case not required; used here to distinguish a SAS keyword from variable names, etc. */

(See examples of PROC's within the SAS programs below)

LONGER, BUT LEARN HOW TO CREATE SAS DATASETS... might as well learn now! (will need to anyway for some of this week's assignments -- the ones from the book! So save one of these programs and use it as a template)

Click on SAS program; the browser, depending on how it is configured, may

(1) display SAS program in browser window.. if so, under EDIT Select all, and Copy; then start the SAS program and Paste the program into the SAS Program Editor; then Select All and click on the icon for RUN; this should create a sasfile in the sasuer directory; can then access it as in (**) above..

(2) ask you if you wish to (a) save program file or (b) open it with SAS; your choice! (b) is more direct .. IF SAS does indeed launch.. With (a) save the progam file in a sensible location, then bring it into the SAS editor from File->Open (or click on the "open" icon). Either way, Select ALL and click on the 'run' icon; this will create the sas datafile... For analyses, follow either the INSIGHT or 'PROC within Program Editor' route described above.

Email me if encounter problems.. (James.Hanley@McGill.CA)