Teaching: Environmental health courses

I co-teach 2 introductory graduate courses in environmental health that are geared to training students in interdisciplinary research. The courses are being run through 4 separate departments 

     Principles of Environmental Health Sciences

Fall term, part 1: PHAR 670, EPIB 684, EXMD 670; NRSC 670

Winter term, part 2: PHAR 671, EPIB 685, EXMD 671; NRSC 671

These two 3-credit courses provide an overview of key disciplines, methods, and topics in environmental health sciences.  Part 1 (fall term) focuses on exposure assessment and toxicology, and Part 2 (winter term) focuses on environmental epidemiology, risk assessment, and environmental policy.  As such, they are designed as “survey” courses covering enormous subject areas.  The courses are intended to assemble a cohort of trainees from across McGill units with interests in environmental science, engineering, epidemiology, toxicology, risk assessment and management, and environmental health sciences. Although basic knowledge of chemistry, human biology, statistics, and physiology is helpful, there are no set prerequisites. Enrollment requires permission of the instructor.    

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