EPIB-607 Fall 2009
"Principles of Inferential Statistics in Medicine"



The aim of this course is to provide students with basic principles of statistical inference applicable to clinical and epidemiologic research so that they can: i) understand how statistical methods are used by others; (ii) apply statistical methods in their own research; (iii) use the methods learned in this course as a foundation for more advanced biostatistics courses. Topics include sampling, methods of describing data, introduction to probability, introduction to statistical inference, correlation and an introduction to regression.


Course outline: format pdf (click here)


Date, time, location: 

Tuesday-Thursday, 10:05am - 11:55 am.

McIntyre Medical 903

Instructor:   Aurélie Labbe


At least one course which includes differential and integral calculus.





Moore D and McCabe G. Introduction to the Practice of Statistics, 6th
Edition. 2007. Freeman and Company.

Course notes:

                         DON'T FORGET THE COURSE EVALUATION !!!


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