Understanding Yourself: Careers in Medicine (CiM) Self-Assessment Tools


The Careers in Medicine program is an on-line, longitudinal career planning program that is designed by the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) specifically for medical students. Some of the information in this program is specifically geared towards the US context, but many of the tools and resources are equally useful for Canadian medical students.

To gain access to the CiM website, you will need an access code.
E-mail careeradvisor.med@mcgill.ca for your code (please note that codes are only available to registered McGill medical students). Go to the CiM homepage and click “Create an account”. You will enter the code and be prompted to create your own username/password that will allow you access to the site every time thereafter.

While much of the information on the CiM site is very useful, we specifically recommend that, sometime during first year, you complete the following Understanding Yourself self-assessment activities on the CiM website:

Interests – Medical Specialty Preference Inventory (MSPI)
Values – Physician Values in Practice Scale (PVIPS)

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