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MSPR (Dean's Letter)

The Medical School Performance Record (MSPR; aka “Dean’s Letter) is like an elaborate transcript of your performance throughout the four years of medical school. It is not a letter of recommendation but a more objective reporting of your academic history, the evaluations you have received, and the faculty-sponsored activities in which you have participated.

Clinical evaluations and notations from Osler Fellows are included in the appropriate sections exactly as they are received by our office. The Dean’s Office has NO authority to “edit” evaluation content for the MSPR, so be sure to check your evaluations online regularly. If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of an evaluation that you have received, please be sure to follow the correct procedures (see  Review of Grades & Evaluation as well as other pages in the UGME web's Academic Policies - Evaluation & Promotion section) for evaluation review within the timelines prescribed.

While BOM is pass/fail, comparative performance graphs for Surgery, Internal Medicine and Family Medicine are included for ICM, and comparative performance graphs for each Core Clerkship discipline are also included. These graphs show your performance relative to the rest of the class for that discipline.

During early fall, you will have a chance to review your MSPR so that you are aware of its general content and layout.

Sample MSPR (English)

Sample MSPR (French)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The sample MSPR is for illustrative purposes only and should not be taken as indicating any student or class performance; format may change at any time.

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