Peter Siegel Ph.D.


I received my B.Sc. degree (1988 – 1992) from the Department of Biology at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario and subsequently pursued my Ph.D. degree (1992-1999) at the same institute in Dr. William J. Muller’s laboratory where I studied the oncogenic activation of the Neu/ErbB-2 receptor tyrosine kinase using transgenic mouse models. I then received my post-doctoral training (1999-2003) in Joan Massague’s laboratory at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre in New York City. I continued to focus on breast cancer, and specifically on breast cancer metastasis, using both transgenic and xenograft mouse models. At this time I also became interested in the co-operation between the TGF-β and ErbB-2 pathways in breast cancer. I joined the Department of Medicine at McGill University as an Assistant Professor in January 2004, and my lab is actively pursuing the molecular mechanisms and mediators that control breast cancer metastasis.



Rosalind and Morris Goodman Cancer Research Centre - McGill University
1160 Pine Ave. West (Room 508)
Montreal, Quebec (Canada)
H3A 1A3
T. 514.398.4259
F. 514.398.6769