Marco Biondini


A combinatorial strategy to target GPNMB in breast cancer



One of the biggest challenges in the effective management of breast cancer is the limited duration of therapeutic benefit that is achieved with the current treatment options. Patients diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC), one of the subtypes with worst prognoses, are currently treated with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Unfortunately, despite initial responses cancer cells become resistant to drugs and tumors relapse. The Siegel laboratory has identified GPNMB as a key mediator of breast cancer metastasis. Recently, an antibody-drug conjugate targeting GPNMB (Cdx-011) was developed that is currently in Phase II trial as single agent for the treatment of metastatic TNBC. I am currently investigating combinatorialstrategies incorporating CDX-011 with standard of care therapy conventionally administered to patients diagnosed with breast cancer.



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