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I. Blood Substitutes websites

II. Websites on Artificial Cells, Microencapsulation, Bioencapsulation, Immobilization, Nanotechnolgy, Tissue Engineering, Artificial Organs, etc.


I. BLOOD SUBSTITUTES (other areas in Section II following this section):

Home page for details on blood substitutes

International Society for Artificial Cells, Blood Substitutes &  Biotechnology

Artificial Cells, Nanomedicine & Biotechnology, an international journal

Alliance Pharmaceutical.  (  

American Association of Blood Banks

Apex Bioscience, Inc.  (

Artificial Cells & Organs Research Centre, McGill University (Director, Professor TMS Chang)

Bloodless Medicine,University of Pisa    Blood substitute page

Canadian Blood Service

Canadian Society for Transfusion Medicine

Euro Blood Substitute Group

Hema-Quebec (Blood Service for Quebec)

Japanese Society for Blood Substitutes

International Symposium on Blood Substitutes 

Prolong Pharmaceuticals: PEG-Hemoglobin available for research (

Regional Blood Center of Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo Brazil

Quebec Ministry of Health, Secretariat of Blood System

Sangart, Inc (

Synzyme  ( 

Synthetic Blood International Inc   (

Transfusion Medicine websites of British Columbia Provincial Blood Coordinating Office

United Kingdom National Blood Service

University of California at San Diego: Professor M. Intalglietta

University of Toronto: Professor R. Kluger

Waseda University Blood Substitutes Program (Professor E. Tsuchida)



Artificial Cells, Blood Substitutes &  Biotechnology, International Society

Artificial Cells, Nanomedicine &  Biotechnology, an international journal  

Artificial Organs, International Federation  

Artificial Internal Organs, American Society

Artificial Organs, European Society

Artificial Cells & Organs Research Centre, McGill University (Director, Professor TMS Chang)

Bioencapsulation Reserch Group (BRC)(Dr.Poncelet)  

Biomaterial Society

Cell Encapsulation Mark S. Lesney

Czech Republic Academy of Sciences, Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry

Innovamed Co. Alginate fibres with additives Professor JK Kennedy (

International Academy of Nanomedicine 

International society for Microencapsulation 

Islet Foundation (including microencapsulated islets) (

Japanese Society for Artificial Organs

Nanoscale Science & Technology, Virtual Journal

Nanotechnology group

Nanomedicine, International Academy   

Nanomedicine: Robert A. Freitas Jr.

Nanotechnology: Dr. R Merkle, Xerox:   (

Microencapsulation, International Society

Penn State University, Hershey Medical Center, Artificial Organs and Artificial Cells

Queen's University: Professor R.J. Neufeld

Strathclye University BioEngineering Department

UCLA   liver support laboratory: Professor Vivek Dixit

University of Ottawa Heart Institute: Professor Tofy Mussivand

University of Toronto: Tissue Engineering: Professor M. Sefton


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