This international network was formed in 1976 to encourage research, development and clinical applications in artificial cells, blood substitutes, nanomedicine, regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, cell/stem cell therapy, immunotherapy, hemoperfusion, bioencapsulation, and related areas.

We have avoided a tight and restrictive organizational structure. Instead responsibilities are widely distributed to committees and organizers of congresses and symposia. This allows this society to benefit from fresh ideas and novel approaches and to move with the frontier of research. This, plus the enthusiastic participation and voluntary contribution of members of the society, has allowed us to continue this international network for more than 30 years without charging membership fees – this allows for world-wide participation with no restrictions related to nationality, age, experience, financial status. This also avoid

any one group or groups from controlling the network or preventing it from moving in the frontier of research.


Elected Honorary President (coordinator): T.M.S.Chang (McGill, Canada)

Executive committee (Elected Past-Presidents of of ISABI congresses and/or symposia): V.Bonamini(Italy)1978; L.Bulow (Sweden), 2015; C.U.Casciani(Italy)1990; T.M.S.Chang(Canada)1976, 1987, 1991,1996, 2017) ; ; K. Kobayashi (Japan) 2003; R.Langer (USA) 1994; Qin Liu (China) 2007; A. Mozzarelli (Italy);. Nikolaev(USSR) 1986; E.Piskin(Turkey)1982,2001; A.Trevino Becerra(Mexico)1985, C.M.Yang(China), 1997; WM Zapol (USA), 2011: Zheng/Yang/Liu (China) 2013

[Late Prof D. Falkenhagen (Austria); Late Prof. AG.Greenburg (USA) ;Late Prof M.Odaka (Japan); Late Prof S.Sideman(Israel); Late Prof E.Tsuchida (Japan); Late Prof R.Winslow (USA)]: Late Professor Y.T.Yu(China)]

Subcommittee of ISABB: International Committee on Blood Substitutes:

Executive board members ISBS (past elected ISBS presidents or their representatives): 1987: Chang (1987, 1991,1996)

1993: Keipert (for late Winslow 1993, 1999)

1997: Yang/Yu YT (1997)

1997: Sakai (for late Tsuchida 1997)

2003: Kobayashi (2003)

2005: Greenberg (2005)

2007: Liu/Xiu (2007)

2009: Mozzarelli (2009)

2011: Zapol (2011)

2013: Zheng/Liu/Yang (2013)

2015: Leif Bülow (2015)

2017: Chang (2017)

2019: CM Yang, H Sakai

Scientific Advisory Board ISBS

Alayash A, Abuchowski A. Bian Y,Biro B, Bucci E, Bülow L, Burhop K, Chan G, Chang TMS, Chen C, Cooper C, D’Agnillo F, Estep T, Feola M, Gould S, Han JQ, Hong Z, Intaglietta M, Jahr S, Keipert P,Kim HW, Kluger R, Kobayashi K, Krafft MP, Liu Q, Liu JX, Ma L, Meßmer K, Mozzarelli A, Palmer A, Privalle C, Pugach I, Rausch C, Riess JG, Sakai H, Simoni, Selivanov E, Su ZG, Tsai AG, Wei G, Wong B, Wong JT, Xiu RJ, Yang CM, Yu BL, Zafiris G , Zal . Zapol W, ZhangY, Zhao L, Zhu YJW


The emphasis is to concentrate on 1 or 2 areas that need extensive effort towards routine clinical uses. Once

the area is in routine clinical use, the area is left to other groups to look after and we then concentrate on another 1 to 2 areas that needs major effort. Each congress or symposium president in consultation with his local organizing committee, makes the final decision and has the final responsibilities including financial responsibilities. After each congress or symposium, the president or appointed representative becomes a member of the executive committee of the ISABI.

  1. 1976 ISABI (I HPS) President: TMS Chang (McGill, Canada)

  2. 1978 ISABI (II HPS) President: V Bonamini (Bologna U, Italy) co-chair TMS Chang (McGill Canada)

  3. 1980 ISABI (III HPS) President: S. Sideman (Technion, Israel) co-chair TMS Chang (McGill Canada)

  4. 1982 ISABI (IV HPS) President: E. Piskin (Ankara U, Turkey) Honorary President: TMS Chang(Canada)

  5. 1983 ISABI (V HPS) President: C Z Huang (President, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences), co-chair TMS Chang (McGill Canada)

  6. 1985 ISABI (VI HPS) President: A. Trevino Becerra (Mexico). Honorary President: TMS Chang (Canada) VII 1986 ISABI (VII HPS) President: V.Nikolaev(USSR Academy of Sci), Honorary President: TMS Chang VIII 1987 ISABI (III ISBS) President: TMS Chang (McGill, Canada), Cochair: R.Geyer (Harvard) 1987

  1. 1988 ISABI (VIII HPS) President: D.Falkenhagen & Klinkmann(Germany) Honorary President:TMS Chang

  2. 1989 ISABI (VIV HPS) President: M.Odaka(Chiba U, Japan), Honorary President: TMS Chang

  3. 1990 ISABI (X HPS): President: C.U.Casciani(Rome U, Italy), Cochiar: G Splendiani (Rome U, Italy) Honorary President TMS Chang (McGill, Canada)

  4. 1991 ISABI (IV ISBS) President: T.M.S.Chang(McGill, Canada) Cochair R.Geyer (Harvard, USA)

  5. 1993 ISABI (V ISBS) President: R.Winslow(Letterman, USA) Cochairs: TMS Chang (McGill, Canada) & R.Riess (France), 1993

  1. 1994 ISABI Congress President: R. Langer (MIT, U.S.A.), Honorary president: TMS Chag (McGill)

  2. 1996 ISABI (VI ISBS) President: TMS Chang (McGill, Canada) Cochairs: A.G.Greenberg (Brown U, U.S.A) & E.Tsuchica (Waseda U, Japan)

  3. 1997 ISABI Congress President: Denian Ba (President,Academy of Med Sci, China) & C.M. Yang (CAMS, China), Honorary President TMS Chang (McGill, Canada)

  4. 1997 ISABI (VII ISBS) President: E.Tsuchida (Waseda U, Japan) Cochairs: S.Sekiguchi (Red Cross, Japan) & TMS Chang (McGill, Canada)

  5. 1999 ISABI (VIII ISBS) President: R.Winslow (UC at San Diego, U.S.A.) Cochairs: TMS Chang (McGill, Canada), M.Intaglietta(UC at San Diego, U.S.A.) & E.Tsuchida (Waseda U, Japan)

  1. 2001 ISABI Congress President: E. Piskin (Ankara U, Turkey) Honorary President: TMSChang (McGill)

  2. 2003 ISABI (IX ISBS) President: K. Kobayashi (Keio U, Japan), Cochair: E.Tsuchida (Waseda U, Japan), Honorary President: TMS Chang (McGill, Canada)

  3. 2005 ISABI (X ISBS) President: G. Greenberg (Brown U, U.S.A.) HonoraryPresident: TMS Chang

  4. 2007 ISABI (XI ISBS) President: Q. Liu (Vice-president, Chineswe Academyof Medical Sci., China) Executive President: R Xiu (Academy of Medical Sci, China), Honorary President: TMS Chang (McGill)

  5. 2009 ISABI (XII ISBS) President: A. Mozzarelli (University of Parma, Italy), Vice Presidents Professor Enrico Bucci (University of Maryland) and Professor Clara Fronticelli ( Johns Hopkins University, U.S.A.)

    Honorary President: Professor TMS Chang (McGill University, Canada)

  6. 2011 ISABI (XIII ISBS) President: Professor W Zapol (Harvard Medical School, U.S.A.) Honorary President: Professor TMS Chang (McGill University, Canada)

  7. 2013 ISABI (XIV ISBS) President: Professor Zheng (BTI China), Vice presidents Professor Liu (BTI China) & Professor Yang (BIT China), Honorary President, Professor Chang (McGill, Canada)

  8. 2015 ISABI (XV ISBS) President: Professor L Bulow (Lund, Sweden), Honorary President, Prof TMS Chang

  9. 2017 ISABI Congress (XVI ISBS, V ISNS) Professor TMS Chang, 60th anniversary Conference on Artificial Cells in conjunction with XVI ISBS and V ISNS (McGill, Canada)

  10. 2019 ISABI (XV ISBS) China/Japan: Presidents Prof CM Yang/Prof H Sakai Honorary President: TMS Chang

  11. 2021 ISABI (XVI ISBS) Berlin, Germany President:Prof H Beumler, Hon President Prof TMS Cha

ARTIFICIAL CELLS, NANOMEDICINE AND BIOTECHNOLOGY, an international journal ( ) Publisher: Frances & Taylor, U.K.:

This is a peer review journal that is the oldest journal in the field having started in 1972 "Biomaterial, Medical Devices & Artificial Organs, an international journal".

1979: Chang became the editor in chief and allows the name of the journal to change with time to reflect the frontier of research in the area. Before 2003 this journal was "Artificial Cells, Blood Substitutes and Immobilization Biotechnology").

2003: Starting in 2003 it was "Artificial Cells Blood Substitutes and Biotechnology.

2012 it became Artificial Cells, Nanomedicine and Biotechnology. Its demand is such that in 2016 the publisher has increased the issues from 6/year to 8/year with corresponding increase in the total pages. In 2019 the submission incrased to  2,400 that was too much for one editor in chief.

editor in chief 1980-2020 Emeritus Editor 2020-TMS Chang (McGill, Canada);

  Three coeditors in chief  2020 Setp-

Associate Editors: S. Bruno (Italy), G. Budak (Turkey), G. Chan (China), Chen. G (China), E. Georges (Canada), S. Prakash (Canada), H. Sakai (Japan), BL Yu (USA), JYW Zhu (China),

International Editorial Board: 52 members

Please see home page: for more details



(World Science Publisher/Imperial College Press)

Editor in chief: TMS Chang (McGill,Canada)

Volume 1: Monograph “ARTIFICIAL CELLS: Biotechnology, Nanomedicine, Regenerative Medicine, Blood Substitutes, Bioencapsulation and Cell-Stem Cell Therapy” Chang 2007 454 pages with full text now available free on

Volume 2: Present and future Therapies for End-Stage Renal Failure. Editors: Eli Friedman & MC Mallappallil (2010)

Volume 3: Selected Topics in Nanomedicine. Editor: TMS Chang (2013)

Volume 4: Hemoperfusion and plasma-perfusion: general, selective, immune and leucocyte adsorbents.

Editors: TMS Chang, Y Endo, VG Nikolaev, T Tani, YT Yu and WH Zheng (2017)

Volume 5: Nanobiotherapeutic Blood Substitutes: Editors: Chang, Jahr & Sakai 2020

Volume 6: 2nd edition of Monograph “ARTIFICIAL CELLS: Biotechnology, Nanomedicine, Regenerative Medicine, Blood Substitutes, Bioencapsulation and Cell-Stem Cell Therapy” Chang for 2020


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