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Professor Departments of and Anatomy and Cell Biology and Medicine, Division of Experimental Medicine

Contact information:

Telephone: (514) 340-8222, ext. 4651
e-mail address: chantal.autexier@mcgill.ca
website: http://people.mcgill.ca/chantal.autexier/ and http://www.ladydavis.ca/en/chantalautexier

Projects for Thesis Supervision:

1. Characterization of unique determinants of telomerase regulation (associated proteins, enzyme processivity, alternative splicing) to validate specific and effective therapeutic targets in tumor cells.

2. Understanding the regulation of telomere maintenance by recombination in telomerase-negative cancer cells and in telomerase-positive cancer cells in which telomere function is disrupted.

3.  Evaluation of novel G-quadruplex ligands as inhibitors of telomerase and telomere integrity.

Recent Publications:

Fakhoury, J., Marie-Egyptienne, D.T., Londono-Vallejo, J.A. and Autexier, C. (2010)
Telomeric function of mammalian telomerases at short telomeres. J. Cell Science 123: 1693-704.

Marie-Egyptienne, D.T., Brault, M.E., Nimmo, G.A.M., Londono-Vallejo, J.A. and Autexier, C. (2009)
Growth defects in mouse cells expressing mutant-template mouse telomerase RNA. Cancer Lett. 275: 266-276.

Marie-Egyptienne, D.T., Brault, M.E., Zhu, S. and Autexier, C. (2008)
Telomerase inhibition in a mouse cell line with long telomeres leads to rapid telomerase reactivation. Exp. Cell Res. 314: 668-675.