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Admissions Policy

Each application is individually assessed by the Admissions Committee of the Division. However, even though a candidates’ academic record (as well as TOEFL scores) may warrant acceptance into the M.Sc. or Ph.D. programs, the student cannot enter either of these programs until a researcher willing to supervise the thesis work, and to financially support the student, is found. Please note that the reverse is not true – even though a student may have found a supervisor willing to accept him/her into their laboratory, this does not guarantee admission into the chosen program. Admissibility into our programs is based solely on the student’s record.

A listing of supervisors, their research projects, as well as their last three publications is available on our web site (refer to the “Faculty and Staff” section of our web page). Students should e-mail prospective supervisors in whose projects they are interested in order to find a laboratory in which there is a vacancy. This may be done either before or after having applied to the Division.

If your file is reviewed by the Admissions Committee and you are judged as being admissible but have not yet found a supervisor, the Department will circulate your file to all supervisors, in an effort to aid you in securing a laboratory placement.  Whether you identify your own laboratory or are approached by a supervisor due to our having circulated your file, we recommend that you meet with any potential supervisor and that you gather information about your proposed laboratory before accepting a position. We have compiled a document to aid you with regard to this matter (“Selecting your Laboratory of Training” PDF).

Researchers accepting potential students into their laboratories must guarantee financial support of at least the minimum level established by the Executive Committee of the Division, when students have not obtained a graduate study award or fellowship.

Once a student has found a supervisor, the laboratory placement must be confirmed by having the supervisor complete the “Confirmation of Supervision” (PDF) form and return it, along with a 1-2 page description of the proposed thesis project, to the departmental office via e-mail (experimental.medicine@mcgill.ca).  An application will be considered incomplete and will not be processed for admission until these 2 documents have been received.

No admission will be processed where a lab placement has not been confirmed and where funding is not available to support the student’s studies.